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" It’s wacky, waaaay out there and all brilliantly good fun. It’s got a touch of Sigue Sigue Sputnik, a whole lot of talent show Elvis. If you found yourself in a bar in ‘Blade Runner’, SONNY E. would be the star turn."                     - Electronic Sound


In the early 1970’s a young Adam Tinley, as he was then known, spotted a Teddy Boy in a flamingo pink drape suit strutting down his aunt’s London street ...”I wanna be a teddy boy when I grow up” he exclaimed to his less than impressed father.... now he has certainly ended up on the Teddy Boy spectrum!
Inspired by Malcolm Mclaren and ‘The Great Rock’n’Roll Swindle’ he formed his first band The Stupid Babies in 1979 when he was 11, and released "Babysitters" on Fast Product Records.

Fast forward three decades spent in the nightspots of the world providing sci-fi beats for hedonists, and even longer as a consumer of all the best sounds from glam rock to grime, Adam is now spurting all his creative juice into his Cyberbilly alter-ego SONNY E. - a self-styled Teddy Boy Timelord armed with a laptop and a mean Gretsch guitar, while swaggering down the information superhighway to source the most rockin' elements from 1955-2025. From London to Berlin, Moscow and back, Sonny E. has been fusing rockabilly and psychobilly styles with the hypnotic, strange and robotic sounds of today and beyond....

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